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Securing Intelligent Systems from the Ground Up: Brief

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Securing Intelligent Systems from the Ground Up: Brief

Ever since 1982, when a Pennsylvania high school student unleashed Elk Cloner—the first known microcomputer virus to spread in the wild—cybersecurity technology has been playing catch-up, and very successfully. It has grown into a multibillion dollar business that has saved corporations and individuals billions of dollars more than they’ve invested.

Viruses, Trojan horses, worms, back doors, spoofing, DoS attacks, and other cyber-security threats are now part of everyone’s computer vocabulary. What’s next? For all of its promise, the Internet of Things is likely to become the greatest challenge for security technology to date, defying conventional security solutions, paradigms, and tools.

The Internet of Things is a global revolution in which billions of “devices” seamlessly connect, are managed, and interact over a network in order to acquire data that enables people, devices, and systems to turn this raw data into actionable information that delivers valued services.

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