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STMicroelectronics ADSL MTK-20170* Firmware: App Note

STMicroelectronics ADSL MTK-20170* Firmware: App Note

This application note presents a detailed procedure on how to integrate STMicroelectronics ADSL MTK-20170* chipset firmware into Intel® IXP400 software V1.5.

It is assumed that the reader of this document is familiar with Intel® IXP400 software, specifically the ADSL driver. This document assumes that a Linux*-based development environment will be used to perform code builds for a Linux* target platform; however, the general principles described may also apply for a Wind River Systems VxWorks*-based platform. This document assumes that the ADSL chipset will be connected to chip select 1 on the IXP42X product line expansion bus.

Read the full STMicroelectronics ADSL MTK-20170* Firmware Application Note.

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