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Software Compatibility Preserves Time, Value, and Productivity

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Software Compatibility Preserves Time, Value, and Productivity

Most industrial, embedded, consumer, and military or aerospace products include more software value than hardware value. That is, the developers of these systems spend more time writing software than they do creating the hardware. In fact, most industrial computer companies employ more programmers than hardware engineers, and they spend more of the company’s resources on software development than they do on hardware. It’s clear that software is where the value – and the risk– for developers lies.

It makes sense, then, for engineering managers to maximize the productivity of their programmers. Software is often in the critical path of a new product’s timeline, so delays in software development mean delays in reaching the market and realizing revenue.

There are a number of ways to minimize the risk of delays and to make programmers more productive, and a good engineering manager deploys all those tools. Intel can help, too. By offering a broad range of embedded microprocessor chips that share the same software compatibility, Intel can help keep a development team on track. Increasing software reuse, reducing software risk, and maximizing developers’ productivity is what the Intel® architecture is all about.

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