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Intel® VIP Tech Zone

An app for iPhone* and Android*

Stay on top of your gaming

With the Intel® VIP Tech Zone app, you have direct access to a world of gaming news, events, and information—right from your iPhone* or Android* smartphone.

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Get gaming news and stats

Get the stats on your favorite professional players and teams, and keep up with the latest gaming news from industry experts such as Major League Gaming (MLG), IGN, IPL*, and Electronic Sports League (ESL).

Partner showroom

Access info, products, and events

As a member of the Intel® VIP Tech Zone, you can get exclusive information about Intel and Intel partner products, as well as technical how-to guidance—and earn special privileges and VIP access at Intel-sponsored events.

Scan to win

Enter contests and score prizes

Intel® VIP Tech Zone offers a variety of fun and challenging activities, including contests and gaming events where you can win anything from a thumb drive to an Ultrabook™. Even better, the more you participate and use the app, the more chances you’ll have to score prizes, earn badges, and win awards.

Get Your Game On

Intel® VIP Tech Zone

Stay tuned for industry events from MLG, IGN, IPL, and ESL.