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Intel® I/O Controller Hub 8 LAN NVM Map and Information Guide

September 2008 316234-007 Revision 2.9 Legal Lines and Disclaimers INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED IN CONNECTION WITH INTEL® PRODUCTS. NO LICENSE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, BY ESTOPPEL OR OTHERWISE, TO ANY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS IS GRANTED BY THIS DOCUMENT. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED IN INTEL'S TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE FOR SUCH PRODUCTS, INTEL ASSUMES NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER, AND INTEL DISCLAIMS ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY, RELATING TO SALE AND/OR USE OF INTEL PRODUCTS INCLUDING LIABILITY OR WARRANTIES RELATING TO FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, MERCHANTABILITY, OR INFRINGEMENT OF ANY PATENT, COPYRIGHT OR OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT. Intel products are not intended for use in medical, life saving, life sustaining, critical control or safety systems, or in nuclear facility applications. Intel may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without notice. Intel Corporation may have patents or pending patent applications, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights that relate to the presented subject matter. The furnishing of documents and other materials and information does not provide any license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any such patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights. IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ BEFORE INSTALLING OR USING INTEL® PRE-RELEASE PRODUCTS. Please review the terms at carefully before using any Intel® pre-release product, including any evaluation, development or reference hardware and/or software product (collectively, “Pre-Release Product”). By using the Pre-Release Product, you indicate your acceptance of these terms, which constitute the agreement (the “Agreement”) between you and Intel Corporation (“Intel”). In the event that you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, do not use or install the Pre-Release Product and promptly return it unused to Intel. Designers must not rely on the absence or characteristics of any features or instructions marked “reserved” or “undefined.” Intel reserves these for future definition and shall have no responsibility whatsoever for conflicts or incompatibilities arising from future changes to them. Intel processor numbers are not a measure of performance. Processor numbers differentiate features within each processor family, not across different processor families. See for details. This document contains information on products in the design phase of development. The information here is subject to change without notice. Do not finalize a design with this information. The I/O Control Hub (ICH8) may contain design defects or errors known as errata which may cause the product to deviate from published specifications. Current characterized errata are available on request. ® ® Pentium 4 processor supporting HT Technology and a HT Technology enabled Hyper-Threading Technology requires a computer system with an Intel chipset, BIOS and operating system. Performance will vary depending on the specific hardware and software you use. See products/ht/Hyperthreading_more.htm for additional information. Contact your local Intel sales office or your distributor to obtain the latest specifications and before placing your product order. Copies of documents which have an ordering number and are referenced in this document, or other Intel literature, may be obtained from: Intel Corporation P.O. Box 5937 Denver, CO 80217-9808 Read the full Intel® I/O Controller Hub 8 LAN NVM Map and Information Guide.

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