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Zero-Day Threat Protection for Industrial Infrastructure

Preparing for cyber attacks against industrial and utility infrastructure

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Securing Different Network Environments
The complexity and diversity of industrial equipment and electric power delivery systems makes it ever more difficulty to protect them against a cyber attack such as a zero-day threat. Utility infrastructure comprises a diverse set of networks that cannot be effectively secured by simply "bolting on" technologies designed for enterprise IT. Aging grid assets, such as PLCs, power meters and digital relays, predate the Internet revolution, and therefore are particularly vulnerable to attack and unable to report malicious activity up the chain.

Layered Security Solution
To provide a comprehensive solution, multiple products are needed to create layers of security that operate together without introducing great complexity or impacting availability. Intel and McAfee* demonstrated such a solution with a reference implementation that incorporated seamless multi-zone protection, situational awareness, native supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) support, and remote device management. The reference implementation runs on Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors, which enables the network operators to gain full control of an attacked device regardless of its hardware or software state.

Security Solutions for Industrial and Utility infrastructure
Factory and utility IT departments need products that help protect against both zeroday and known attacks in a manageable way. Intel and McAfee address this with a select group of products and technologies that are highly applicable to critical infrastructures.