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Increasing Utility Infrastructure Awareness, Multi-zone Protection

Reference implementation demonstrates a comprehensive end-to-end security solution based on leading McAfee* and Intel® technologies

The complexity and diversity of electric power delivery systems makes protecting them against cyber attacks ever more difficult. Utility infrastructure comprises a diverse set of networks that cannot be effectively secured by simply “bolting on” technologies designed for enterprise IT. Aging grid assets, such as PLCs, power meters, and digital relays, predate the Internet revolution, and therefore are particularly vulnerable to attack and unable to report malicious activity up the chain. Hackers have grown more sophisticated and dangerous, increasing the need to improve the situational awareness of utility control centers, so they can more quickly detect and defuse zero-day attacks.

To provide a comprehensive solution, multiple products are needed to create layers of security that operate together without introducing great complexity or impacting availability. This was the objective of engineers at McAfee* and Intel, who developed a reference implementation focused on satisfying the energy industry’s need for greater situational awareness, seamless multi-zone protection, native supervisory control, and data acquisition (SCADA) support, and remote device management. The reference implementation integrates a number of McAfee cyber-security products relevant in substations and network operations centers. Moreover, device management is enhanced through the use of Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), which enables network operators to gain full control of an attacked device regardless of its hardware or software state.

McAfee software and Intel hardware solutions deliver a variety of technologies for securing the substation environment, designed to protect against malicious attacks, increase substation uptime, and lower the cost to service endpoints.

Read the full Increasing Utility Infrastructure Awareness, Multi-zone Protection brief: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/energy/energy-intel-mcafee-security-brief.html

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