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Intel® Education Products

Designing education technology to advance student success and enable innovation economies

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Intel® architecture products make it easy for educators to integrate infrastructure, software and peripherals into the classroom. They are full featured solutions that support the development of 21st century skills anywhere, anytime students are learning. And they provide manageability and security to keep students safe and protect your investment in technology. 


  • Solutions which provide multitasking, performance, and offline access to files and applications
  • A suite of Intel® Education Software that comes preloaded 
  • Tools that enable smooth deployment and facilitate teacher learning to efficiently manage their classroom
  • Access to the Intel® Education Alliance for hardware, software, infrastructure, and service providers

Intel® classmate PC - Convertible

The Intel® classmate PC - convertible brings enhanced teaching and learning to students with education-specific hardware features and software applications. Intel classmate PCs instantly convert from clamshell to touch-optimized tablet mode, giving students expanded flexibility and micro-mobility inside and outside the classroom.

The new design has improved durability, flexibility, and security, making Intel classmate PCs a sound investment for schools seeking 1:1 eLearning solutions. Available in Windows* 7 and Windows* 8.


Intel classmate PC - Convertible


Intel® classmate PC - Clamshell

The Intel® classmate PC is designed to meet the requirements of educators, administrators, and school IT. Rugged, drop-resistant construction, keyboard water-resistance, long battery life, and ease-of-use combine with the latest education features and software to deliver a sustainable, cost-effective solution for schools worldwide.

The Intel classmate PC supports educational activities at school and at home, and is available in Windows*7 and Windows* 8.

Intel classmate PC


Intel® Education Tablet

The Intel® Education Tablet, available in 7-inch and 10-inch, is designed specifically for education and built to meet students' needs. The multi-touch display and e-Reader software enable students to access rich online content. Ultra-portability allows them to take the device to the field to capture data with the built-in camera and analyze it with Intel® Education Software. They can collaborate with their classmates, while comparing their findings to others on the web. The Intel Education Tablet gives students access to a whole new view of their world—right at their fingertips.


Education Tablet


Intel® Education Software

Education Software

Software plays a significant role in combination with the hardware, services, and instructional approaches that are transforming education, resulting in greater student access and achievement. Intel® Education Software is a customized package of industry-leading hardware, software, services, and support designed to work reliably together, delivered by local vendors to meet local needs. These applications are selected by Intel based on educational and technical evaluations and come preloaded as part of the Intel® Education Solution.

Software Suite Applications
Textbooks by Kno*, LabCam, SPARKvue* by PASCO, MediaCam, ArtRage* by Ambient Design, Access Management, Theft Deterrent, McAfee AntiVirus* Plus McAfee Mobile Security

For more information
Software Suite Overview, Software Showcase



Intel® Teach

Key Considerations for Education Technology

There are critical steps educators need to take when implementing technology solutions. Intel Education Solutions can help.

Teachers and Students

  1. Reading and collaboration tools to build 21st century skills and core subject knowledge
  2. Optimized devices for wireless classroom environments
  3. Classroom management applications that support collaboration, screen sharing, and file transfer for efficient organization and assessment

IT Administrators

  1. Hardware and software from authorized dealers with security features to protect capital and operational investments
  2. Research on technology in education and applications for cloud computing in schools
  3. Planning tools to design an education IT strategy
  4. Deploymention and evaluation options

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UltrabookTM is a new category of mobile device inspired by Intel. It’s the optimal combination of responsiveness and smart capabilities. And with many models featuring touch screen and convertible designs, the Ultrabook is now more intuitive and flexible than ever.

What to look for?

  • Versatilility, high performance and built in visual enhancements
  • Anytime connectivity, touch capabilities
  • Processing speed and long battery life
  • Durability and security to ensure a sound investment that enable 21st century skill development

Laptop or tablet?

UltrabookTM convertible puts you in control, with the fun of the tablet and the power of a PC. See what happens when you get the power to choose. 


Modern laptops combine the highest-quality components - a large-capacity hard drive, a fast processor, a large amount of memory, and built in visuals with a well thought out design. The visibly smart Intel® CoreTM processor family provides brilliant imagery and a seamless computing experience—whether you’re creating, sharing, exploring, or gaming.

What to look for?

  • Versatile, portable laptops with high performance and built in visual enhancements
  • Fast and easy photo and video creation functionality to create multi media content
  • Anytime wireless connectivity 
  • Extended battery life - look for green hard-drives or even solid-state drives designed to minimize power consumption
  • Durability and security to ensure a sound investment that enable 21st century skill development


Intel® Education Alliance - Companies Featuring Intel® Reference Designs

The Intel® Education Alliance brings vendors together to deliver locally relevant, integrated solutions to classrooms worldwide. More than 500 vendors of the Alliance are developing applications, peripherals, and services optimized for educational Intel® architecture products. 

Education Software Initiative: If you develop interactive education content and tools running on Intel® Architecture and technologies, the Intel Developer Zone provides resources to develop and optimize your products.

Check out these companies for the latest releases:

Babilon* Technologies