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A Roadmap for Connecting Smart Phones to the Intel Wi-Fi Network

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A Roadmap for Connecting Smart Phones to the Intel Wi-Fi Network

To take advantage of the consumerization of IT and better manage the proliferation of smart phone use at Intel—without compromising Intel’s security and manageability requirements—Intel IT has developed a roadmap for connecting smart phones to the enterprise Wi-Fi network.

Many current smart phone models don’t meet our security and manageability requirements. Because our Wi-Fi infrastructure cannot control which models access Intel resources, smart phones, whether employee- or corporate-owned, must use the 3G/4G cellular network for voice calls. Smart phones must also use the cellular network when accessing resources such as e-mail, calendars, or contact information.

However, we anticipate that allowing smart phones to connect to Intel’s enterprise Wi-Fi network could offer several potential advantages over using the cellular network.

• Avoidance of costly cellular usage fees
• More reliable voice reception and coverage, supporting enhanced mobility and productivity
• Faster and more reliable data transmission

To achieve these benefits while still protecting Intel data, we developed a secure Wi-Fi connectivity model for smart phones that uses virtual Wi-Fi networks built on our existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. We control which corporate resources a device can access based on three levels of trust—fully trusted, partially trusted, and non-trusted.

We began our phased plan for introducing Wi-Fi connectivity for smart phones with evaluation and analysis, including several proofs of concept. We are currently transitioning to Phase 2, to expand these early projects and continue testing the model.

Read the full Roadmap for Connecting Smart Phones White Paper.