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Editor’s Pick: MokaFive on BYOC

Video of MokaFive’s John Whaley on BYOC initiatives

Bring Your Own Computer

This video features John Whaley, chief technology officer of MokaFive, talking about the benefits of bring-your-own-computer (BYOC) initiatives. According to Whaley, recent studies revealed that employees who participate in a BYOC program are more likely to work longer hours in the evening, and are less likely to lose or break their laptops. The employees also tend to have higher job satisfaction. Furthermore, “support costs with BYOC are actually lower than with traditional corporate laptops because employees feel more of a sense of responsibility and are more likely to resolve issues on their own,” explains Whaley. BYOC initiatives can also be a great solution for mobile and remote workers, as well as those working on contract, since security can be controlled via a virtual machine.

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