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Tier 3 Strengthens Cloud Security with Intel® AES-NI

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Tier 3 Strengthens Cloud Security with Intel® AES-NI

Strengthen cloud security with Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions.

Tier 3 expands its security portfolio with Intel security solutions.

If you’ve ever been river rafting, you might have felt that wearing a life preserver and helmet while navigating calm waters is pointless. But when you’re facing the roar of white water rapids, you know that your safety equipment could save your life.

River rafting is not unlike your journey to the cloud. When you virtualized a few core services and consolidated underutilized servers, nobody seemed to notice or care. Now that you’re looking at a cloud deployment, you can be sure that lots of people care. Like a life preserver and helmet protect your life on the river, security measures such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption can help protect your data in the cloud.

Tier 3 knows the value of protecting data. As a leading provider of enterprise-class cloud software and federated cloud services, Tier 3 helps organizations securely expand their infrastructure into the cloud without incurring large capital expenses or additional administrative overhead.

"But it is not enough in today’s security-sensitive environment to provide flexible solutions for customers," says Jared Wray, founder and Chief Technology Officer of Tier 3. "You also must secure those solutions." In 2006, Wray saw an emerging need for enterprise-class on-demand services and founded Tier 3 to deliver products that help organizations with their infrastructure needs. As the company’s solutions and customers evolved over the years, Wray and his team determined that they needed a strong encryption solution that would protect their customers’ information without degrading performance. They turned to Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family-based servers with Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI) to provide fast, secure encryption solutions for security-sensitive customers.

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