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Intel® Cloud Builders Guide Intel® Xeon® Processor-based Servers Data Center Energy Management Dell, Intel, and JouleX

Intel Cloud Builders Guide: Data Center Management with Dell, Intel, and JouleX 

This reference architecture outlines the usage of energy management technologies as part of planning, provisioning, and optimizing strategies in cloud data centers to reduce energy cost and to address carbon emissions for green IT goals. It is intended for data center administrators and enterprise IT professionals who seek energy management solutions to achieve better energy efficiency and power capacity utilization within new or existing data centers. The techniques and results described can be used as a reference to understand energy management solutions implemented with the use of hardware and software components. The reader should be able to develop appropriate energy management solutions based on the design options presented using JouleX Energy Management Solution and Dell PowerEdge* C-Series Servers implementing Intel® Power Management technologies.

The evolution of cloud computing has resulted in highly efficient and carefully optimized data centers with increased server density and capacity that makes considerations on energy consumption and utilization extremely critical along with several other factors that were not as significant in smaller data centers of the past. To support this evolution, Intel works with end users to create an open data center roadmap of usage models that address key IT pain points for more secure, efficient, and simple cloud architectures built on a foundation of transparency. This paper describes an Energy Management reference architecture based on Intel, JouleX, and Dell solutions, with usage models aimed at data center power efficiency and optimal utilization of provisioned power and cooling capacity.

The goal of energy management usage models is to optimize productivity per watt in order to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Requirements include the capability to monitor and cap power in real-time at server, rack, zone, and data center levels. This means the ability to monitor and manage aggregated power consumption within a rack, zone, or data center based on available power and cooling resources.

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