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Implementing Self-Service BI to Improve Business Decision Making

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Self-Service Analysis Tools Aid Business Data Management

The white paper describes Intel’s use of an integrated combination of centralized and self-service business intelligence (BI) development to provide decision makers with simple and fast access to the information they need to do their jobs more effectively.

Microsoft BI tools provide the software foundation for this integration, with an organizational data mart built on an SQL server, a managed BI portal built on SharePoint*, and end-user tools provided by Excel*. The BI solution runs on Intel® processor-based servers and laptops.

The ability to use consistent data models for both end-users and centralized development teams provides flexible and effective support for all user groups.

Read the full Self-Service Analysis Tools Aid Business Data Management White Paper. This white paper explores the approach used by the Intel Technology Engineering and Manufacturing (Intel TME) organization to balance these very different requirements using a Microsoft BI solution stack based on SQL Server, SharePoint, and Excel. Individual users and small teams can use consistent tabular data models and reports or create their own. They can also adapt and extend them as needed within their personal “sandbox” environments. The result is an increasingly agile approach to information delivery that is helping employees get the information they need.