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Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) with Near-Field Communication (NFC)

Data from an NFC-enabled credit card or ID card to a built-in NFC reader on select Ultrabook devices facilitates simple, secure transactions with authentication from Intel® IPT.

A tap replaces keystrokes

Near-field communication (NFC) uses short-range wireless technology to facilitate and send simple, secure information or transactions to another device. The technology can be used to verify identities and permits a streamlined tap-and-pay procedure. It’s available on select new Ultrabook™ and other devices that feature Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) and built-in NFC sensors.

For more secure transactions

The Intel IPT with NFC feature lets users connect to an Intel IPT with an NFC-enabled merchant site, pay for a product by tapping their NFC-enabled credit card against an NFC sensor in the computer, and complete the transaction with positive identity authentication by Intel IPT. This technology can be used to transfer credit card or identity information safely, easily, and faster.