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Play Free Online Games Anytime, Anywhere

If you play free online games, you know how much fun this Internet-fueled phenomenon has become. Whether you occasionally play to unwind or dedicate your weekends to racking up some seriously high scores, you’re one of the millions worldwide who’s making the Internet the future portal of video games. And the Intel Product Finder is here to help you find the best new computer to play your favorite games on, whether it’s a laptop, all-in-one PC, or Ultrabook™ convertible that combines the best features of both a tablet and laptop in one powerful device.


Where to Play Free Online Games

With gamers’ tastes in constant flux, the question is always which website offers the best variety of free games. Below are a few websites that are fast becoming the mega-sites of everything from arcade and action to word and card games.


  • FOG* simply stands for Free Online Games and has just about every free online game on offer. From strategy to puzzle games and from zombie to truck games, the list goes on and on. Simply sign up for an account and you can play games solo, with friends, or with other people in your area.
  • Online Game Stars* has a great selection that’s reviewed, rated, and organized by category, and boasts a well-functioning app for mobile devices. You can find everything from kids and physics games to sports and spy games. With a free account, you can invite your own friends or make new ones, play games, and even enter in tournaments to win gaming prizes.
  • Miniclip* has a unique collection, including 3-D, action, and multi-player games. With apps for handheld devices, you can even play when you don’t have your Ultrabook™ or laptop with you! And if you want to know what the pros are playing, simply navigate to the “Staff Picks” section for some of the most fun, challenging, and exciting games available.
  • Addicting Games* boasts more than 10 million users a month with many developers around the world submitting their new games here first. The result is an extensive collection of all kinds of games, including the usual categories, such as action, strategy, and driving, as well as funny games, games for girls, and make-your-own games. And with super-fun graphics and an easy-to-navigate layout, the website not only makes it easy to sign up, but also to stay a while.
  • Kongregate* offers literally thousands of free games that you can search by category or rating. You don’t have to sign up for a free account to play, but if you do, you can use the site’s many social features like chatting with friends, earning Kongregate’s badges, and sharing your progress and victories with other users.
  • Game Node* is another site with thousands of free online games, and though the interface is slightly outdated, the games are fun and up-to-date. Register for a free account to play against your friends or other Game Node members, track all of your scores, and post comments about the individual games.


Play More, Win More with Intel Inside®

Thanks to the new low-voltage, high-speed Intel® Core™ processors, you don’t have to be hard-wired and home to play online games. Thanks to wireless capabilities, you can log onto the Internet from any Wi-Fi spot to instantly connect and compete with your gaming friends. Best of all, with a new Ultrabook™ or laptop, there’s no lag in device response times. Every move you make is reflected on screen as you tap, drag, or flick your way across the display or trackpad. And that’s not all: With multi-tasking capabilities of Intel® devices, you can still remain up-to-date on all of your social networks… even while you’re playing games!


So when it’s time to relax and you don’t want to play games picking out your next computer, go to the Intel Product Finder and find the right device for all your entertainment, social, and professional activities.

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