Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS25KB Family

Low-cost SAS-2 with mirroring, striping, and JBOD mode for Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems

Key Features

  • One or two 8087 connectors for up to eight internal SAS/SATA ports
  • x8 PCI Express* Generation 31 interface for fast communication with the server board
  • LSI SAS* 2308 I/O controller providing SAS 2.0 compliance, including 6-Gb/s data transfer and compatibility with SAS or SATA drives

Target Applications

The Intel Integrated RAID Module RMS25KB family is categorized as an entry-level product.

Key Advantages

Cost-effective data protection

Provides a low-cost RAID 0, 1, and 1E solution for entry-level server and workstation environments where high-performance and reliable data protection are required.

Excellent performance and ultra thin driver

LSI Fusion-MPT* architecture and LSI2308 I/O Controller provides up to 700,000 I/Os2 per second while communicating over the PCI Express* 3.0 Host Bus.1

High scalable SAS or SATA storage

Connect SAS or SATA devices within the array. Employ JBODs with support of up to 512 physical devices, or RAID 0, 1, 1E/10 with up to 10 devices.

Product Information and Resources

Product Specifications

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Supported Devices RAID Level Supported Number of Internal Ports


Number of External Ports
Number of Devices Supported


Compatible Products Lists


SAS/SATA 0, 1, 1E 4 0
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SAS/SATA 0, 1, 1E 8


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معلومات المنتج والأداء


1. عند البدء، سيكون التوافق مقتصرًا على الجيل الثاني من PCIe*. ومن المتوقع إضافة دعم الجيل الثالث من PCIe* في يونيو 2012 وسوف يتطلب وحدة بتاريخ تضعه الشركة المصنعة يتبع إضافة دعم الجيس الثالث من PCIe.

2. وقد يختلف الأداء الفعلي. عند البدء، سيكون الأداء مقتصرًا على الجيل الثاني من PCIe* بحد أقصى 400,000 معلمة إدخال وإخراج.