Mission-Critical Databases: SQL Server 2012* and Intel® Xeon®

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Open architectures are now a viable option for mission-critical workloads. Decision makers are uniting behind the trend to replace legacy proprietary systems, and with good reason. Applications built with Microsoft SQL Server running on servers based on Intel® Xeon® processors are a cost-effective option to deliver mission-critical scalable performance and advanced reliability. The high degree of co-engineering and collaboration between Microsoft and Intel that has gone into this solution stack pays off in unparalleled benefits to end customers.

This paper examines the factors that have made the combination of SQL Server and Intel Xeon processors so effective. It consists of the following main sections:

- Standards-Based, Cost-Effective Mission-Critical Solutions.
- Real-World Success: Temenos Group AG.
- Performance and Scalability Wins with the Intel Xeon Processor E7 Family.
- Simplified RISC Migration.
- Further Advances in Microsoft SQL Server 2012.