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Private or Hybrid Cloud?
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IT Managers Tell it Like it is.
Recent views of big data in the enterprise.
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Intel Has a Vision of Open Cloud Computing. It's Federated, Automated, and Client Aware.
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Fluent: Faster, smarter financial trading
with Intel® Xeon® processors
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These top trending resources can help you work smarter

Survey says: Big data and infrastructure updates are top of mind.
What else do your peers have to say about big data analytics in their organizations? >
Video: 4:39
Build your next-generation data center to handle today's priorities.
Use the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v2 family for virtualized, cloud, and big data environments >
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Reduce big data job time massively in four steps...
...and deliver big data at maximum velocity with the latest Intel® technologies and software >
IT leaders explain how to invest in data center infrastructure to drive business value—and deliver cloud services, too
Optimizing IT Infrastructure in the age of cloud services
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Intel IT experts and industry leaders weigh in on today's IT topics. See more webinars and events >
Planning your 2014 strategic priorities just got easier

Get started with big data analytics.
Build your own big data platform >
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Take the first step in moving to hybrid cloud.
Deliver private infrastructure as a service >
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Build security into your cloud from the ground up.
Cloud security in seven steps >
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Optimize your data center for the cloud.
Handle networking, storage, security, and power management challenges >
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Find out how Intel IT is managing the same challenges as you

Practical insights on the best approach to hybrid cloud.
Hear Intel IT's lead cloud engineer tell all in this podcast >
Podcast: 7:36
Optimizing an in-memory business intelligence platform for extreme performance (without breaking the bank).
Discover how Intel IT did it >
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Get perspectives on today's hottest data center trends

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Benchmark Study: Optimized Drop Testing with Dell, Intel and Altair
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Cloud Computing
Private or hybrid cloud?
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Data Center Optimization
Get ready for smarter, faster infrastructure.
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High-Performance Computing
Smarter computing, smarter scientists and engineers.
Accelerate research with high-performance computing >
Data Center Efficiency
Save the planet. Save your budget. Energy-efficient data centers.
Find out how Intel® Xeon® processors lower data center costs >
Mission-Critical Solutions
The numbers game: 99.99 percent availability, x86-based architecture.
Take steps to modernize your infrastructure for mission-critical solutions >
Servers, network, storage. Virtualize them all.
Find out how to increase data center flexibility, efficiency, and security >
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