Editor’s Pick: Prioritizing Tech Projects


Prioritizing Tech Projects: How Managers Make a Short List of Long Demands

IT managers must give businesses what they want, when they want it. This Editor’s Pick from Computerworld discusses how IT managers are juggling priorities to meet a growing list of business demands. The explosion of mobile and social technologies is prompting an increasing number of requests for mobile, social, and analytics apps from employees across the business—from executives to operations employees and everybody in between.

And it gets complicated if these users don’t get what they want. “These days, ordinary end users can tap the power of the cloud to forge ahead if they perceive IT as lagging,” explains author Beth Stackpole. In other words, users will find a way to get what they need. “Against that backdrop,” says Stackpole, “IT is feeling the pressure to get more agile in its delivery methods, more flexible in project prioritization, and savvier in assessing ROI—all so it can work with, not against, the needs of business.”

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