Editor’s Pick: Data Privacy and Security in Healthcare


Data Privacy and Security: How Hospitals and Providers View HIPAA Mandates and Data Protection Technologies

In the healthcare industry, data protection is more important than ever. From the use of electronic healthcare records and other innovative technologies to the onslaught of compliance regulations and federal IT initiatives, data protection technologies play a critical role. This Editor’s Pick from TechTarget reveals the SearchHealthIT.com survey results on security and data protection in healthcare. The survey polled 254 IT professionals and executives at health systems, hospitals, physician practices, and other organizations, using an online questionnaire. The results were telling: Providers are aware of how policies impact technology needs, and that the technology choices must consider the management of clinical data, encryption methods, and the growth of mobile devices across the industry. There is also agreement on the growing risk of data breaches and the fact that “protection requires vigilance.”

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