Transforming PC Management: A Preventative Client Health Strategy

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Transforming PC Management: A Preventative Client Health Strategy

Executive overview

To enable an improved user experience and greater employee productivity while reducing support costs, Intel IT is implementing a strategy based on preventative and proactive PC health management.

• We collect event information from PCs across Intel, analyze the information, and create solutions that we deploy to users to improve PC stability.
• We proactively monitor the application performance that users experience in the course of their job duties, identify causes of performance issues, and then create and deploy solutions.
• We provide a tool that lets users schedule resource-intensive maintenance jobs, such as malware scans, at off-peak times to avoid interruptions to their daily workflow. The tool also collects information about problems such as faulty hard drives, enabling us to proactively replace drives before catastrophic failure occurs.
• We provide self-help tools that enable users to fix common PC issues without contacting the Service Desk.

Results to date include an estimated gain of 4,000 productivity hours due to proactive hard drive replacement and a 30 percent decrease in support tickets related to remote connectivity issues. Users have downloaded about 10,000 copies of the self-help tools, helping to further reduce support calls. By moving resource-intensive maintenance jobs to off-peak times, users are avoiding an estimated 85,000 hours of degraded performance each week.

We continue to expand our strategy to include a broader range of applications and use cases, and we are exploring the use of Intel® vPro™ technology to enable us to remotely perform proactive support activities such as rebuilding PCs.

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