Editor’s Pick: The Return of Thick Clients

The importance of rich clients in cloud computing

Why Thick Clients are Relevant in Cloud Computing

Thick clients—or rich clients—in cloud computing are here to stay. With the concept of delivering “everything as a service” and access to information using standardized interfaces, cloud computing opens the doors for rich, thick client applications to be part of the application landscape. Several cloud computing features support the use of thick clients, including the following: Cloud is consumed by smart devices; standards-based APIs support the creation of thick clients using multiple technologies and rendering devices; and software-as-a-service-based applications allow thick clients to concentrate on a rich user interface while leaving the business rules with cloud for simpler maintenance. Additional support is delivered by users who can access both cloud and conventional computing services; mobility and offline use, including the fact that users can work with locally installed applications even when offline; and performance and additional capabilities that rely on local execution.

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