Editor’s Pick: Scale-out NAS


Scale-out NAS, Object Storage, Cloud Gateways Replacing Traditional NAS

The explosive growth of unstructured data is driving scale-out network attached storage (NAS), object-based storage, and the cloud as a NAS tier. This article describes each of these three technologies to help you evaluate storage requirements for your IT environment. Scale-out systems can boost capacity, performance, and availability and run on x86 servers. The largest capacity servers can manage petabytes of data across more than 100 nodes. Object-based storage may not be new but is attractive to cloud storage providers because of its massive scalability and shared tenancy features. Cloud NAS is gaining prominence with the emerging technology behind gateways that serve as a hybrid cloud storage appliance. This article mentions multiple vendors for each type of storage, but features EMC* Isilon Systems* (scale-out NAS); EMC* Atmos* (object-based storage), and several startup companies that partner with prominent cloud storage providers in the NAS hybrid cloud space (CTERA Networks Ltd.*, Nasuni* Corp., and StorSimple, Inc.*).

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