Editor’s Pick: The Intel Xeon Processor, a Faster Mainstay


Editor’s Pick: Intel Launches E5 Xeons, a Faster Mainstay

This article from CNET describes the launch of the Intel® Xeon® processor family from the CeBIT tech show in Hanover, Germany. The Intel Xeon processor E5 comes in two varieties: the E5-2600 series for the mainstay of the server market, for systems with two processor sockets, and the E5-1600 series, chiefly for single-socket workstations. As author Stephen Shankland explains, “The new chips come in a range of configurations, with variations in built-in cache memory (10 MB to 20 MB), processing cores (two to eight), power consumption (60 watts to 135 watts), and of course clock speed (1.8 GHz to 3.6 GHz). They all come with a new basic design, though, and are all built with a 32-nanometer manufacturing process.”

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