Editor’s Pick: Consumerization of IT Is about Cloud

Video featuring Brian Madden on a new approach to consumerization

Consumerization of IT

Consumerization of IT is about Cloud Services, Not Devices

Watch this video from VMworld 2011 to get Brian Madden’s take on the consumerization of IT. According to Madden, “a lot of people have it wrong.” Madden, blogger at brianmadden.com and editor at TechTarget, says the consumerization of IT is really about the threat of cloud services, not devices.

With the onset of bring your own device (BYOD) policies in corporate organizations, IT is losing control. Regular consumers are able to tap into cloud services to gain massive amounts of IT power—despite IT efforts to provide all the capabilities needed. For example, IT departments create a secure firewall and storage service for employees to use, and the employees instead go straight to DropBox*. Not only does IT no longer have control, but they often don’t know about it. To protect corporate data, IT departments must rethink their “lock it down” approach.

Watch the video featuring Brian Madden from September 12, 2011 >