Intel® E7520 Chipset and Intel® E7320 Chipset

The Intel® E7520 and E7320 chipsets, with Intel® dual-processor (DP) server chipset technology, enable reduced power consumption and improved platform reliability and system manageability. These chipsets can deliver outstanding performance, dependability and value to enterprise front-end, small-medium business (SMB), or high performance computing (HPC) applications.

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Features and Benefits

Supports two Intel® Xeon® processors over an 800 MHz system bus for dual-processing workstation and server systems Optimized performance for multiple DP market segments and price points, supporting a larger number of users/transactions with faster response times.
800 MHz system bus capability Increased platform bus bandwidth (50% more than 533 MHz) delivers increased system performance.
PCI Express* Serial I/O technology that provides a direct connection between the MCH and PCI Express* devices with bandwidth up to 4 GB/s on each PCI Express* x8 interface; PCI Express offers higher bandwidth, lower latency and less I/O bottlenecks than PCI-X.
DDR2-400 memory interface Offers a maximum memory bandwidth of 6.4 GB/s. Decreased power consumption—especially important on dense rack, HPC and blade configurations. Increased DIMMs per system providing enhanced memory scalability for memory-intensive applications.
Intel® 6700PXH 64-bit PCI hub Optional component introduces next-generation PCI/PCI-X performance and significant enhancements to platform flexibility. Supports two independent 64-bit, 133 MHz. PCI-X segments and two hot-plug controllers (one per segment).
Intel® Hub Interface 1.5 connection to the Memory Controller Hub (MCH) Point-to-point connection between the MCH and the Intel® 82801ER I/O controller hub or Intel® 6300ESB I/O controller hub provides 266 MB/s of bandwidth.
Advanced platform RAS Features such as memory Error Correction Code (ECC), Intel® x4 Single Device Data Correction (x4 SDDC), DIMM sparring, DIMM scrubbingand memory mirroring can improve system reliability. 32-bit CRC on PCI Express*. SMBus port hooks into Intel® E7520 and Intel® E7320 chipsets for remote management operation and support for variety of third-party Base Management Controller (BMC) and BIOS solutions.

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Packaging Information

Intel® E7520 Memory Controller Hub (MCH) 1077 Flip Chip-Ball Grid Array (FC-BGA)
Intel® E7320 Memory Controller Hub (MCH) 1077 Flip Chip-Ball Grid Array (FC-BGA)
Intel® 6700PXH 64-bit PCI Hub 567 Flip Chip-Ball Grid Array (FC-BGA)
Intel® 82801ER (ICH5R) 460 Micro Ball Grid Array (µBGA)
Intel® 6300ESB I/O Controller Hub 689 Plastic Ball Grid Array (PBGA)

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حالة الطاقة المخفضة L0s الخاصة بالناقل PCI Express غير مدعومة.

2In an x4 DDR memory device, the Intel® x4 Single Device Data Correction (x4 SDDC) provides error detection and correction for 1 to 4 data bits within a single device and provides error detection for up to 8 data bits within two devices.