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Intel® XMM™ 2231: Brief

Android* for everyone
Intel® XMM™ 2231 is a smart feature phone platform that provides an Android* user experience at a feature phone price point. Depending on the feature set, it can keep the bill-of-material (BOM) as low as 34 to 45 US-Dollars. This highly integrated Android platform combines EDGE baseband and RF with audio, power management, Bluetooth * and FM... radio on a single chip.

Android User experience at feature phone price point
Intel XMM™ 2231 offers a CTS/CDD-compliant Android 2G + WiFi platform for fast browsing and access to Android apps – all at a feature phone price point.

This smart feature phone platform brings Android capabilities to the mass market.

Read the full Intel® XMM™ 2231 Brief here:

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