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A Computer the Size of a Button

The groundbreaking Intel® Curie™ module1 expands the possibilities of what tech can do. It's a complete low-power solution designed for wearable devices and consumer and industrial edge products. The Intel® Curie™ module is ideal for always-on applications such as social media and fitness activities.

What Makes it so Great

Get a peek inside the Intel® Curie™ module.


The 32-bit Intel® Quark™ SE SoC runs for extended periods on a coin-sized battery.


The 6-axis combo sensor works with accelerometers and gyroscopes and Bluetooth® low energy.


The Intel® Curie™ module comes with 384kB flash memory and 80kB SRAM.

A Powerful Way to Create

Ready to see what the Intel® Curie™ module can do? Create your next project or product on the Intel Curie module, now integrated with Zephyr Project*, an open source, real-time OS. Get access to Arduino* core libraries, tools, and documentation with the alpha release Intel® Curie™ Open Developer Kit (ODK).
Available now on the Arduino 101* development board and on the soon-to-be released tinyTILE* from element14.

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America’s Greatest Makers

The Intel® Curie™ module stars in the inspiring new reality TV competition, America’s Greatest Makers. Discover what the country’s most innovative makers dream up using the latest Intel technology.

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A Smarter Bike

From tailwhips to tabletops, BMXers always want to up their game. Intel partnered with BMX to create the first BMX smart bike, featuring sensors that capture motion data from the handlebars and seat. They can measure speed and movement, classify each move based on the motion of the bike, track trends, and provide valuable feedback to help riders rock every trick in their repertoire.

Powerful Fashion

“Clothes should be able to change as you change throughout the day,” says Becca McCharen, founder of the design house Chromat. That idea inspired the first proof-of-concept fashion crafted with the Intel® Curie™ module—Chromat’s Adrenaline dress. When the garment senses adrenaline, its framework mimics the fight-or-flight mode and extends the wearer's sensory system to form an imposing shape.

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