Intel® RealSense™ Trademark Usage Guidelines

Approved Nouns:

  • app
  • App Challenge
  • application
  • apps
  • brand
  • camera
  • Camera app
  • Camera Calibrator
  • Camera xxxx-Series
  • Camera xxxx-Series ASIC
  • community
  • compatible
  • Cross Platform API
  • Dataset
  • Depth Camera
  • Depth Camera Manager
  • Developer Kit
  • devices
  • experience
  • extension
  • Gallery app
  • hardware
  • In-Store Experience (ISE)
  • mark
  • Measurement app
  • model
  • Motion Effects app
  • name
  • navigator
  • Perception Device
  • products
  • RGB Camera Calibrator
  • Robotic Development Kit (RDK)
  • SDK
  • Smartphone
  • Smartphone Developer Kit
  • software
  • solution
  • tech
  • technologies
  • technology
  • trademark
  • training
  • usage
  • Web Navigation Library
  • xxxx-Series

Acknowledgement Line(s):

  • Whenever the Intel® RealSense™ brand appears, the following footnote must also appear: “Intel and Intel RealSense are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.”

Proper Trademark Usage Rules Include:

  • As with all other trademarks, the Intel® RealSense™ trademark should be used as an adjective and not as a noun. This means that an appropriate and approved noun from the list above must accompany the Intel® RealSense™ trademark (e.g., Intel® RealSense™ technology)
  • The appropriate use of trademark symbols with this trademark is as follows: Intel® RealSense™ technology
  • Use the trademark symbol in the first appearance of the trademark in a headline, and/or the first prominent use, and first appearance in the body of text
  • Never have a space between “Real” and “Sense.” Always use as “Intel® RealSense™”
  • Always use a capital R and S, such as Intel® RealSense™ technology
  • Include the Intel mark because this is a unitary trademark with Intel as an integral part of the whole trademark; thus, Intel MUST always be used in the mark (e.g., the entire trademark is "Intel® RealSense™)
  • Never hyphenate or abbreviate the Intel® RealSense™ trademark
  • Never incorporate the Intel® RealSense™ trademark or any part of the trademark into third party’s company name, product brand name, or model number

Sample Usage Chart

DON’Ts Why?
Intel® Real Sense™ technology The RealSense part of Intel® RealSense™ technology should always be shown as one word
Intel® Real Sense technology Always use ™ after RealSense as in “Intel® RealSense™ technology”
Intel RealSense™ technology Always use ® after Intel as in “Intel® RealSense™ technology”
RealSense™ technology Always use Intel® in front of RealSense™ as in “Intel® RealSense™ technology”
Intel® RealSense™ Always use an approved noun after “RealSense™” as in “Intel® RealSense™ technology”
Intel® Realsense™ technology Always use capital “s” in RealSense as in “Intel® Real Sense™ technology"
Intel® REALSENSE™ technology Do not capitalize all the letters in Intel® RealSense™ technology
Designed with RealSense™ technology Must use Intel® in as in “Designed with Intel® RealSense™ technology”
Runs best with Intel® realsense™ camera Must capitalize R & S in RealSense as in “Runs best with Intel® RealSense™ camera"