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Celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, March 2014

Through access to technology, scholarships and community learning programs, Intel provides girls and women with opportunities for quality education and personal growth.

How will YOU show your courage?

In March, we celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month to raise awareness of the importance of educating girls. At Intel, we believe that education and opportunity should be available to all, regardless of gender. Change takes courage, and courage takes many forms. Courage starts with YOU. Take our Week of Courage Challenge. #iamcourage

Educate a girl. Change the world.

Girl Rising is a global action campaign for girls' education. It started with a groundbreaking, inspirational film. Now it’s a movement to lift barriers to girls' education, to drive change and motivate leaders to take action. Bring Girl Rising to your community. Buy the DVD and organize a screening, a panel session, a poetry slam -- whatever moves you to action. What counts is that we all do something. Purchase your copy on iTunes, Amazon and girlrising.com.

Intel is a founding strategic partner of the Girl Rising campaign as well as supporter of the digital distribution of the film.

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66 million girls who should be in school are not1

Image of three computers with figures standing in front of them. The one on the left is female and the other two are male.


When 10 percent more girls go to school, a country’s GDP can increase by 3 percent2

Three figures: two female, one male.


⅔ of the world’s 796 million illiterate adults are women3

Picture of two girls with backpacks waving to the camera.

Teacher champions technology empowerment

Li Ping Chou is one of the Intel® Teach program’s biggest cheerleaders. See how she uses technology to bring active learning to her Taipei classroom -- and other teachers.

Girls enjoying the Girls Who Code program

Yes, girls do code

From creating apps that teach coding to inventing umbrellas that light up when hit with raindrops, girls show they have the skills and vision to excel in technology careers

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Students pay it forward

At the Karibu Centre in Kenya, Intel volunteers educate students and teachers about computers and educational software, so the whole community becomes more self-reliant.

Girls & Women

Intel® She Will Connect

Intel’s new program works to close the technology divide for millions of women around the globe.

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Small acts of courage can add up to change. Take our Week of Courage Challenge.

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Gender equality in education

Read the action brief and policy toolbox to advance gender equality in education.

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Women and the Web

Read our report about Bridging the Internet Gender Gap

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Help fuel the movement

The film Girl Rising is now available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and girlrising.com.

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More information

Intel is committed to empowering girls through education and technology

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Intel for Change

Learn about historical women who have used technology to effect change around the world.

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Intel Partners: Inspiring Action and Involvement



1. UNESCO - 2007

2. Women and the Web, Dalberg/Intel 2012

3. UNESCO - 2011