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What is Touch-Screen Laptop Technology?

Let’s face it: from self-check-in machines at airports to our crucial ATM visits, we’re already hooked on touch-screen technology. That’s why it feels so natural for us to simply touch our laptop screens in order to navigate and give commands. Now imagine yourself with an affordable device that combines the best qualities of a tablet and laptop, and you’ve begun to discover what a 2 in 1 device can do for you. With an innovative selection of models equipped with screens that swivel, fold over, and even detach, you can choose the 2 in 1 that best fits your lifestyle1.


The Touch-Screen 2 in 1: A Natural Extension of You

With multi-touch technology that lets you flick, zoom, and navigate intuitively, the user experience of a laptop will never be the same. In less time than it took you to learn how to count up to three, you can tap a play icon with a single finger, scroll over multiple pages of text with two fingers, and rotate your favorite photos with three fingers. And the best thing is multi-touch technology doesn’t make you jump through hoops; instead it allows the device it's on to keep up with your commands. It’s literally as quick and easy as a snap of your fingers!


How would you like to play the piano on your laptop? Strum a guitar? Paint a picture? Or control your favorite gaming avatar? With each app or program responding immediately to the touch of your fingertip, everything you do at work or at play on your 2 in 1 becomes a more intuitive experience. The more you use it, the more you realize touch screen technology isn’t so much an advanced development as it is a natural extension of you.


Plus with frame thickness under an inch, a low-voltage Intel® Core™ processor, extraordinary battery life, and lightning quick startup times, the new generation of 2 in 1s are here to purposely make your life more productive, convenient, and most of all… FUN!


Affordable, Functional, and Mobile 2 in 1 Devices

Touch-screen laptop technology is exciting because it’s not some gimmick thrown at you to sell the same old thing in a different package. On the contrary, 2 in 1s are part of a new breed of highly affordable, highly functional, and highly mobile devices designed specifically for your lifestyle. Recent research shows that consumers are overwhelmingly in favor of touch-screens. In fact, results of user testing demonstrate that when given the option of laptop touch-screen technology, the majority of people spend more than 75 percent of their time touching screens to complete tasks formerly relegated to the mouse and keyboard. And the story of touch-screen laptops doesn’t stop here. Start shopping for a 2 in 1 now.

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1. Ultrabook™ products are offered in multiple models.  Some models may not be available in your market.  Consult your Ultrabook™ manufacturer. For more information and details, visit www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/sponsors-of-tomorrow/ultrabook.html.