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The Best Facebook* Games Get Better

If you’ve spent more than an hour at a time on Facebook*, then you’ve probably graduated from poking friends to playing some of the best Facebook games with them. Now don’t break into a cold sweat; there’s no need to publicly admit you’re a Candy Crush Saga* addict. Besides, you’re not alone in this sweet winner-take-all matching game explosion!


With Facebook users pushing the one billion mark, close to three hundred million people played Facebook games last year—that’s a thirty-five million increase over the previous year! So when it’s time for a faster computer to help the Grimsborough Police solve another Criminal Case*, the easiest thing to do is check out the Intel Product Finder where you can shop for a 2 in 1, a tablet when you want it, and a laptop when you need it. And with new Intel® Core™ processors powering all of these devices, you can play Facebook games with enhanced visuals, great performance, and a lightning-fast start-up time.


The Best of the Best Facebook Games

No list of the best Facebook games is ever complete, since gamers’ tastes can change overnight. But what follows are some of the free Facebook games that scores of people around the world are playing right now.


  • Candy Crush Saga* is your chance to team up with Mr. Toffee and Tiffi to play through over 100 levels of delicious matching fun. And since just about everyone has a sweet tooth for Candy Crush Saga, you can play with your friends and compete for highest scores.
  • Words with Friends* is the social Scrabble* game of choice. You get to play up to twenty games at once, with both your Facebook friends and anyone else, and with the built-in chat feature, the side-talk can be as entertaining as the game itself.
  • Criminal Case* is the adventure game that’s keeping amateur sleuths on the beat. The crime scene is yours to work. From interviewing suspects to looking for clues, you won’t want to stop playing until you’ve locked up the real bad guy!
  • Texas HoldEm Poker* is, according to its creator Zynga, the world’s largest free-to-play poker game. But with lovely animated poker ladies, a gift shop, and customized seats at the table, it’s easy to spend real money on this global card game.
  • FarmVille 2*, like its predecessor that planted the gaming seed on Facebook, is the agricultural equivalent of SimCity*. So plow, plant, and harvest the day away to earn points and advance to the next level. But don’t miss the farmer’s market!
  • Bubble Witch Saga* starts off easy, but gets continually more challenging until the weak are weeded out. The goal is to shoot bubbles, which fall onto spiders and increase your score so you can make holes in the ceiling and advance to higher levels. And with more than a hundred and fifty levels to conquer and a map that tracks your progress, it’s every puzzle fan’s dream come true.
  • SongPop* is every music buff’s venue to show off to online friends just how much lost-hits trivia a brain can produce at a moment’s notice.
  • Bejeweled Blitz* rightfully calls itself the one-minute game of endless fun. In just sixty seconds, players have to match and detonate certain gems to capture the most precious jewel of all: a spot on the leaders’ board!


Intel Keeps You Connected to the Best Facebook Games

Whether it’s a card, word, trivia, or adventure game, there are more than enough Facebook games to keep you and your friends in friendly competition. And remember, if you can’t wait to be on a winning team, go to the Intel Product Finder today to find a new computer built with you in mind.

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