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Best Tablets for High-Performance Lives

Whether you’re a graphic designer or a corporate climber, a new wave of fast tablets with extraordinary battery life is at your fingertips. And if you like to browse the Internet and check your favorite social media sites while listening to your friend’s latest dance mix, then there are also a whole range of affordable tablets designed to move quickly, so you can hurry up and relax.


At the same time, the variety of inexpensive, powerful tablets is also set to multiply. According to PC World, sales projections for tablets are soaring. Within the next three years, tablets are even predicted to outsell PCs.


Great Tablets have Intel Inside®

More and more tech-savvy insiders are reporting that the low cost and high performance associated with the best tablets for creating, working, and playing are thanks to Intel’s new generation of energy-efficient, lightning-fast processors such as the Intel® Atom™ processor.


Can’t wait to see the latest styles and most amazing devices? Go to shop tablets now. And for those discerning shoppers interested in what Intel Inside® means for their lifestyle category, read on.


The Artist’s Tablet

Anyone who relies on vibrant visuals, as well as HD camera and video capabilities to capture their or their clients’ visions, will be thrilled to take an Intel® Atom™ processor out for a creative spin. And in the versatile form of the HP ENVY* X2, you can have the power of a notebook with the lightweight design of a tablet combined in one device that’s all about freedom.


HP ENVY X2: One minute it’s a Windows 8* notebook with a full-sized keyboard and exceptionally responsive HD touch display; the next, the HP ENVY X2 slides off its keyboard and transforms into a fully mobile tablet that’s ready to go whenever you’re inspired. Just remember—don’t forget your ENVY.


The Business Tablet

Front liners to boardroom regulars agree, efficient communication and fast data access are crucial to making deals that make careers. That must be why they’re lining up to get Intel’s latest business tablets, such as the Dell Venue* 8 Pro. Have the convenience of Windows* 8.1 with amazing visual graphics and touch sensitivity in a device built with doing business in mind. It also comes with complete access to Office Home & Student* 2013.


Dell Venue 8 ProThe amazingly adaptable Venue Pro tablet hits the ground running in the ultimate game of business. So while you’re sizing up the competition, the Venue 8 Pro is providing built-in security and extraordinary battery life. With an optional wireless keyboard and up to 10 hours of battery, the Venue 8 Pro is ready to be an all-day productivity powerhouse.


Your Tablet

You wait in traffic. You wait at the store. The last thing you want to wait for is a handheld device that can’t keep up. Fortunately, if you appreciate how the fine art of multitasking fits seamlessly into your relaxation routine, you will also value Intel® level performance. For the latest style sweeping across demanding users’ fingertips, check out the Android* based ASUS MeMO Pad*.


ASUS MeMo Pad*. With a 10" HD screen and a thin and light design that slips comfortably into your bag and a comfortable textured back made for a good, non-slip grip, the ASUS MeMO Pad is the go-to device for the on-the-go tablet user.


So now you know—when the urge to edit photos, sign a business deal, or watch your favorite TV program grabs you—there is a tablet powered by Intel built to help make it happen.


If the idea of having a tablet sometimes and a laptop at other times intrigues you, then check out the benefits of a 2 in 1 device. Now you can have the convenience of a full keyboard and PC computing power throughout part of your busy workday, then quickly flip, detach, or slide a touch-sensitive tablet into use from your laptop. It really is two devices in one.



Visit the Intel Product Finder today to start shopping for tablets and other great devices with Intel Inside®.



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