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Registration, Warranty, and Return Material Authorization (RMA) for Intel® Solid State Drives

Last Reviewed: 09-Jan-2017
Article ID: 000005681

You don't need to register your Intel® Solid State Drive (Intel® SSD).

To review your warranty, see Intel® Solid State Drive Limited Warranties.

To begin the warranty process, click for instructions:

1. Submit a warranty request
  1. Go to Warranty Center.
  2. Click Other Intel® Products.
  3. Enter the Serial Number and SA# in the Stocking ID/Part# field.
  4. Click Search. If your product is covered under warranty, you will see the request button.
  5. Click Request warranty support to start the process.

If you have questions regarding your warranty coverage, contact us.

2. Provide your information for a warranty-related issue

First gather information about your Intel® SSD. Find the information printed on your SSD label. See label examples for where to find the serial and SA number.

  • Serial number
  • SA number
  • Proof-of-purchase

The drive summary in the Intel® SSD Toolbox has the serial number and model number. See your drive's label for the SA number.

More helpful information:

  • SSD model number
  • Description of the symptoms or problem
  • Troubleshooting steps you've taken

Label examples:

Look at the label fixed to your Intel SSD. The printed label includes the ISN, or SN (serial number), the SA number, and the model number. See the visual examples for Intel Solid State Drives:

Model: SSDSA2M160G2GN

This example uses the abbreviation SN instead of ISN, for the serial number.

Model: SSDSCKGW180A4

This example shows the serial number printed on a smaller label on the far-left side of the SSD. The model number and SA number are on the larger label.

Model: SSDMAEMC080G2

This example for the Intel® 750 SSD Series shows the locations for the model, ISN, and SA numbers.


3. Get a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number

When you submit your request, an Intel customer service agent works with you to see if your drive is eligible for an RMA replacement. For eligible SSDs, the agent creates an RMA request for you and includes the RMA number in a system-generated email message. The email includes shipping instructions for returning your drive.

Note Read the shipping instructions thoroughly for where to ship your Intel SSD and the following reminders:
  • Backup your SSD and erase the drive before shipping.
  • Remove any brackets, cables, and accessories from the SSD before shipping. These items can't be returned to you.
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