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Determine if Your Product Is Still Under Warranty

Last Reviewed: 02-Mar-2016
Article ID: 000006303

Table of contents

Warranty from the date of purchase, and things the warranty doesn't cover
What do I need to do, before getting a replacement?
What are my replacement options?
What happens next?

Warranty from the date of purchase, and things the warranty doesn't cover
How can you tell if your product is still under warranty?

Intel has a three-year warranty from the date of purchase for most processors, server and desktop boards, and RAID controllers and modules.

No warranty on:
  • OEM processors (processors not sold in an individual box)
  • Damage to a processor from external causes
  • Non-validated hardware used
  • Products that ship with a different printed warranty
  • Intel® Desktop Board DG41BI (2 year warranty only)

If you bought a computer from a manufacturer such as HP, Dell or Gateway, or otherwise came with a processor already installed, contact that reseller for warranty replacement.

Intel does not track purchase dates. You may be required to have proof of purchase for a warranty replacement.

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What do I need to do, before getting a replacement?

  1. Troubleshoot your issue
    Many issues can be solved by updating the BIOS, or other configuration steps. Check out how to fix your problem.

  2. Gather information
    If your troubleshooting results indicate that your product may need replacement or repair, you should:

    To speed up the warranty process, it is also best to have:

    • Complete description of the issue
    • Description of which troubleshooting steps you have already performed. We may require additional steps before processing a warranty request.
    • Your system information, where applicable. Under Windows* the Intel® System Information Retrieval Utility can get your:
      • System Configuration Information
      • Operating system information
      • BIOS, firmware and driver versions installed
      • Processor(s) and memory installed
      • Additional adapters
      • Additional devices used
    • Proof of purchase
  3. Get warranty service

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What are my replacement options?
Intel may repair, replace or refund your unit, if it is covered by our warranty. Once you have completed the above steps, we will be happy to let you know what options are available to you.

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What happens next?
To make sure you stay informed of your warranty progress, we will ask you for a reliable email address. All the information you will need will be sent to you.

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