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Technical Product Specification for Intel® RAID Controller SRCSAS18E

Last Reviewed: 23-Dec-2016
Article ID: 000007254

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This technical product specification provides detail about the architecture and feature set of the Intel® RAID Controller SRCSAS18E and Intel® RAID Controller SROMBSAS18E. The SRCSAS18E is a stand-alone RAID controller. The SROMBSAS18E is a ROMB (RAID on motherboard) controller used in the Intel® Server Board S5000PSLROMB SKU and Intel® Server Board S5000PAL SAS SKUs.

When acquiring necessary components to configure your controller, please be sure to use the spare parts list for the specific controller or server board you have from the list below.
RAID controller product codes listing for the Intel® RAID Controller SRCSAS18E
Spares, parts list and configuration guide for the Intel® Server Board S5000PSLROMB
Spares, parts list and configuration guide for the Intel® Server Board S5000PAL SAS SKUs

Herein after for this technical product specification, SRCSAS18E will refer to both the SRCSAS18E and SROMBSAS18E controllers.

The Intel® RAID Controller SRCSAS18E provides Intel® Integrated Server RAID technology for Intel® Server Boards and Platforms that use the Intel S5000 series of chipsets. These server boards and systems need to support both serial-attached SCSI (SAS) and serial ATA (SATA) disk drives to use this RAID Controller.

The target audience for this document is anyone wishing to obtain more in depth detail about the storage system than what is generally made available in the RAID Controller users guide. It is a technical document meant to assist people with understanding and learning more about the RAID controller's specific features.

Information available in this technical product specification includes:

  • Introduction
  • Hardware details
  • Software details
  • RAID functionality and features
  • Event messages and error codes
  • Reference documents

Size: 683 KB
Date: October 2006

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