Intel® Active System Console User Guide for Supported Intel® Server Boards or Intel® Server Systems

Last Reviewed: 20-Mar-2017
Article ID: 000006753

The Intel® Active System Console is a walk-up console that provides a dashboard view of the system on which it is running. The user guide has information on how to install and configure the software on a supported Intel® Server Board or Intel® Server System.

Revision Intel® Active System Console user guides
7.0 User Guide icon
Size: 1.10 MB
Date: April 2015
6.0 User Guide icon
Size: 536 KB
Date: August 2013
5.0 User Guide icon
Size: 807 KB
Date: March 2012
4.x User Guide icon
Size: 516 KB
Date: June 2011
3.x User Guide icon
Size: 2,518 KB
Date: December 2009
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