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Technical Advisories for Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems

Last Reviewed: 03-Nov-2016
Article ID: 000005748

TA-1111: FRU information incorrectly programmed on Intel® Server Board S2600CWR Family and Intel® Server Board S2600KPR
TA-1110: Missing low-profile bracket on Intel® RAID Controller RS3UC080
TA-1107: HSBP Bracket Dimensions Gap
TA-1106: Lithium Ion Batteries Shipping by Air​
AA-1105: Possible Data Integrity Issues on Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II with NCQ-Enabled SATA Drives
TA-1104: Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) Cannot Detect the Rear Hot-swap Dual Drive Cage
TA-1101: Erratic RTC Timestamp Issue Found with BIOS R01.01.0013

TA-1098: Corrosion on 1100W AC Common Redundant Power Supply Spare Kit AXX1100PCRPS
TA-1091: Hyper-V and VMware* installation issues when using BIOS R03.02.0002
TA-1089: Potential data loss in 12G RAID controllers in HA-DAS configurations
TA-1088: Navigation tabs in EWS no longer work in Firefox* 38
TA-1085: 4Kn and 512e Advanced Format with Intel® RAID and Server Boards
TA-1084: Data loss may occur after deleting one or more of multiple cache volumes
TA-1083: PCIe* SFF/NVMe SSD Hot Plug Support
TA-1081: Updated software stack to support PCIe* SSD hot swap
TA-1078: Unable to install rear mount drive bay accessory kit
TA-1075: Intel® RAID Controller Firmware can mark Intel® RAID Maintenance Free Backup Unit (RMFBU) as offline, disabling Writeback Cache
TA-1074: Intel® Server Board S2600CP Family cannot power on with one Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 V2

TA-1069: High Availability Cache data can be lost if drive pulled or power lost
TA-1068: Intel® Remote Management Module 4 (Intel® RMM4) Dedicated NIC encounters link down or high package loss rate
TA-1064: Open SSL vulnerability in Intel® RAID Web Console 2
TA-1063: System might experience a restart loop after Windows* update
TA-1061: System might hang with POST code 0x96 when recovering from a backup BIOS
TA-1059: The front panel LEDs for Power and System/Node ID might stop working
TA-1056: Potential system shutdown on Intel® Server System P4000IP Family and Intel® Server Chassis P4000M Family during certain RAID operations
TA-1055: Firmware update to Resolve a Failure to Complete a Relearn issue and Extend the Usable Life of the RMFBU Unit
TA-1054: Incorrectly wired SATA power cables on P4000 families
TA-1052: Damaged RMFBU might cause Intel® RAID Controller to remain in write-back mode
TA-1051: No bootable network devices are available during BIOS POST
TA-1050: AXXRMFBU2 Cache Offload Module failures might occur with an AC power loss
TA-1048: Java* Version 7 Update blocks RMM Remote Console (KVM)
TA-1047: System shutdown and then reboot in power supply redundancy mode

TA-1043: Intel® Server Boards S2600CP and P4000CP might have been programmed with an incorrect BIOS
TA-1042: Storage Server System might show the incorrect system Enclosure IDs
TA-1041: The Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) firmware might not restart properly
TA-1040: Potential Over Current Protection fault on certain Hot Swap Back Planes
TA-1039: Unexpected memory behaviors on Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 and E5-2600 v2 family
TA-1038: The Intel® Server Management Board S1200V3RPS might not recognize PCIe* devices in slot 4 during POST
TA-1036: Server systems with Intel® Server Board S1200V3RPS fail to boot
TA-1034: Intel® Server System R2312SC2SHGR missing Intel® RMM4 Lite key
TA-1032: Excessive Physical Disk Migration to Spare Drive
TA-1031: The Intel® Workstation System P4304CR2LFJN can have incorrect system fan bracket installed
TA-1030: Quality Excursion on Hot Swap Back Plane
TA-1029: Maintenance Free Backup Unit can fail to complete a learn cycle
TA-1026: Correctable PCIe* bus errors reported with PCIe Gen 3 add-in cards
TA-1025: Management NIC port embedded in AH2000F6GKIT, AH2000WP6GKIT, and A1UJP6GKIT does not achieve IEEE 802 3-Bit Error Rate BER objective

TA-1023: Upgrade RAID firmware to correct potential data loss issue
TA-1021: PCIe* Gen 3.0 Add-in Adapter support issue
TA-1020: System exhibits a shutdown with power supply amber LED illuminated
TA-1019: Intel® Server System P2000IP baseboard management controller error
TA-1017: Firmware update resolves cache data loss due to controller timing issue
TA-1015: BMC security enhancements update
TA-1014: System can hang during POST with Quiet Boot enabled in BIOS
TA-1013: Firmware update to resolve AC power cycling cache backup issue
TA-1012: Field replaceable unit (FRU) can fail to update properly
TA-1011: I2C cable connection issue for Intel® Server System P4208CP4MHGC
TA-1009: Update the Intel® RAID Premium Feature Key AXXRPFKSSD2 to support advanced features of SSD Cache 2.1
TA 1006: I/O module (IOM) connector supports PCIe Gen1 speed only
TA-1005: RAID Module rework to resolve AC power cycling cache backup issue
TA-1003: Power supply might not meet AC surge testing limits
TA-1001: Inaccurate ambient temperature readings reported with storage SKUs
TA-1000: PCIe* link width can downgrade to x4 or x2 with add-in card
TA-999: Add-in video does not display unless onboard video is disabled
TA-998: Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology 2 not supported on Intel® Server Board S2600CP2
TA-996: Intel® RAID C600 upgrade key replacement issue
TA-995: Intel® RAID Controller audio alarm sounds after firmware upgrade
TA-994: Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module AXXSW1GB does not maintain configuration changes

TA-987: Intel® Server Chassis P4304XXSHCN HSBP firmware might get corrupted in first-time system boot
TA-984: Updated AXXRPFKSSD key required to support advanced SSD Cache 2.0 features
TA-983: Mini SAS-to-SATA cable SGPIO connector incompatible with HSBP
TA-979: The fourth hard drive carrier might have interference issue in Intel® Server System R1304BTLSHBN
TA-977: SGPIO cable incompatibility with some Intel RAID Modules
TA-975: Hard drive interference issue might be observed in Intel® Server System R1304BTLSHBN
TA-974: IPMB functions might not be available on Intel® Server Board S1200BTL
TA-973: Incorrect supported RAID levels are listed in the individual pack box

TA-964: Data loss potential with Intel® RAID Controllers/Modules when encryption enabled

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