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Frequently Asked Questions about Intel® Pentium® M Processor

Last Reviewed: 15-Dec-2016
Article ID: 000008087

Where can I find information such as processor speed, processor number, cache size, chipset compatibility, pricing, and product order codes?

Find Intel® Processor information at the processor products database. If you can't find an Intel® Processor, send us your feedback.

For more information about Intel® Pentium® M Processors, refer to the following:

How do I identify the new segmented Intel® Centrino® brand?

See Intel® Centrino® Processor Technology to view Intel® Centrino® stickers.


If Intel® Celeron® M Processors and Intel® Centrino® Processor technology are both part of Intel's mobility family, what are the differences?

Intel® Centrino® Processor technology represents a combination of Intel's best mobile technologies. It delivers all four vectors of mobility: performance, integrated wireless, great battery life, and thinner, lighter form factors.

The Intel® Celeron® M brand represents only the Intel® Celeron® M Processor. Designed for mobility, the Intel® Celeron® M Processor delivers exceptional value with a balance of mobile processor technology enabling thinner, lighter systems.