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Bootable Version of Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility - Reported Information for Intel® Processors

Last Reviewed: 02-Mar-2016
Article ID: 000007998

Starting with the Intel® Pentium® Processor, the bootable version of the Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility can be used to identify Intel® Processors, and will report the following information:

  • Intel Processor name
  • Processor type
  • Processor family
  • Processor model
  • Processor stepping
  • Processor revision
  • Cache size (Levels 1, 2 and 3)
  • Package type
  • MMX™ Technology
  • Streaming SIMD Extensions, Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 and Streaming SIMD Extensions 3
  • Intel NetBurst® Microarchitecture

When the utility is run on a processor that does support the Frequency ID test such as an Intel® Pentium® III Processor, it will report the following:

  • Intel Processor brand identification
  • Processor and system bus expected frequencies
  • Processor and system bus reported frequencies
  • Accompanying this information is a message informing the user whether the processor is operating at its expected frequency

Running the utility on an Intel® Pentium® III Processor-based system:

When the utility is run on a processor that does not support the Frequency ID test, such as an early Intel® Celeron® Processor, it will report only the following:

  • CPUID data (processor type, family, model, and stepping)
  • Packaging type
  • Level 1 and Level 2 cache sizes
  • MMX™ Technology support
  • Streaming SIMD extensions support