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Product Label Description for Intel® Ethernet Adapters

Last Reviewed: 03-Mar-2016
Article ID: 000007060

The Product Label provides MAC Address, Manufacturing, Product Identification and Revision information.

sample product label

  • OUI: IEEE assigned code representing Intel® Corporation. More information can be found at IEEE*.
  • Ethernet Address is the unique identifier for this Network Adapter.
  • Date of Manufacture is represented by Work Week (i.e. 47) and Year (i.e. 3).
  • Country of Origin Code:
    • 07 = US
    • AD = Malaysia
    • CR = Thailand
    • SC = China
  • Product Identification Number (PBA Number) represents the model of the Network Adapter.
  • Product Revision indicates the revision number for this model of Network Adapter. Revision numbers usually reflect minor changes such as a new OUI block or labeling change. The adapter functionality is the same between revisions.
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