Error Message: Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

Last Reviewed: 31-Mar-2017
Article ID: 000022448

What are you seeing?
The error is also known as Time-out Detection and Recovery (TDR). You can read more about the error at Time-Out Detection and Recovery.

The screen turns off and on instantly. In the bottom right-hand corner, the notification “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” appears.

This behavior can occur in Windows 7*, 8*, 8.1*, or Windows® 10.

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Why did you get this error?
Windows* detected an issue with the Display driver and terminated the processes linked to it.


How do I fix it?
We released a Display driver containing a fix to address multiple causes of this error. Released in April 2016 (version, all drivers since that date include this fix. Other causes of the error may exist, so we recommend maintaining your drivers up to date.

You can test by installing our latest generic drivers. For generic drivers, use the Intel® Driver Update Utility.

Some computer manufacturers design their systems so you can only install drivers provided by them. See Error Message: Computer Manufacturer Graphics Driver Detected for more information.


I already installed the latest driver from the Download Center, but the issue still occurs.
Contact your computer manufacturer and install their latest driver. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) may have customized the generic Intel® Drivers to match their specifications or requirements.

All OEMs should have access to newer Intel® graphics driver versions that contain this fix.