Last Reviewed: 28-Jan-2017
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The program AFUDOS.EXE is used to update the BIOS version on the following boards:

  • Intel® Desktop Board DH61KVCH
  • Intel® Desktop Board DH61SKCH

This program is included on the driver disk (in the \Utility folder) and is available on Intel's Download Center.

To update the system BIOS, follow these steps:

  1. Create a DOS-bootable USB device.
  2. Copy the following files to the USB flash drive: AFUDOS.EXE and the XX.ROM file (where XX.ROM is the .ROM file name).
  3. Insert the USB device into a USB port and turn on the computer.
  4. At the DOS prompt, type AFUDOS XX.ROM (where XX.ROM is the .ROM file name) and press Enter.
  5. Wait until the flash update process is complete.
  6. Remove the USB device and restart the computer.
Do not turn off or reset the computer during the flash process.

Creating a bootable USB device
Creating a USB flash device as a bootable drive is not as simple as creating bootable floppy disks. Review the documentation provided by the manufacturer of your USB device for instructions on how to create a bootable USB device.

Intel is unable to help with the creation of bootable devices. See the following websites for tips on creating bootable USB devices:

How to boot from a USB Device
How to boot from a USB Flash Drive

For more information, search the web for "How to create bootable USB drives."