Learn about the Patrol Board Function and How to Use It for Intel® RAID Web Console 2

Last Reviewed: 07-Mar-2017
Article ID: 000005959

"Patrol Read" is a user definable option available in the Intel® RAID Web Console 2 that performs drive reads in the background and maps out any bad areas of the drive.

Patrol Read checks for physical disk errors that could lead to drive failure. These checks usually include an attempt at corrective action. You can enable or disable Patrol Read with automatic or manual activation.

A Patrol Read periodically verifies all sectors of physical disks that are connected to a controller, including the system reserved area in the RAID configured drives. Patrol Read works for all RAID levels and for all hotspare drives.

This process starts only when the RAID controller is idle for a defined period of time and no other background tasks are active, though it can continue to run during heavy I/O processes.

See the Intel® RAID Software User’s Guide for more detail and configuration information of the controller Patrol Read function.