Find Your Part Number, Stocking ID, or Serial Number

Last Reviewed: 27-Jan-2017
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Once you have identified your part, click the appropriate link below to request technical support or warranty replacement.  

How to find your Intel part number (PN), stocking ID, or serial number (SN)

Intel® NUC
Intel® Compute Stick
Intel® Desktop Boards
Intel® Server Products
Intel® Networking and Communications Products (wired)
Intel® Solid State Drives
Examples of letters and numerals commonly confused

Intel® Server Products stocking ID/part number or serial number

Intel® Server Products have one or two white stickers that include the information you might need for warranty replacement. If you're asked for a Stocking ID or a Part Number, look at the stickers attached to the product labeled PBA, Top Assembly, TA, or P/N.

Intel® Server Product

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Intel® Networking Products stocking ID/part number or serial number
  1. The Serial Number is a combination of the MAC Address and Part Number.


  • Use the bolded portion of the MAC address (ignore the first six numbers): 001B215CFD4C090AC
  • Plus, the bolded portion of the Part Number, eliminating the dash) E68785-000
  • The combination of these two bolded numbers equals the Serial Number: 5CFD4C090ACE68785000
    Intel® Networking Product

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Common errors to avoid when recording your Intel® product markings

Serial numbers include both numbers and uppercase letters. It's easy to misread the following numbers and letters.

0 O Numeral 0 (zero) and uppercase letter O
1 I Numeral 1 and uppercase letter I ("eye")
8 B Numeral 8 and uppercase letter B
6 5 Numeral 6 and numeral 5
2 Z Numeral 2 and uppercase letter Z
V U Upper-case letter V and uppercase letter U
I l Upper-case letter I ("eye") and lowercase letter l ("el")1

1 Lowercase letters are never used in serial numbers, only numbers and uppercase letters are used.

Contact Intel Customer Support if you do not recognize your Intel product serial number or part number.

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