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Intelligent Storage for Today’s Data Centers

Managing storage growth for enterprise IT, public, and private clouds

Intelligent storage

Data center efficiency challenges are on the rise. With advances in digital technology, everything from medical records, advanced weather modeling, videos, movies, and pictures are being digitized and stored for short or long periods of time. Massive amounts of unstructured data forced companies to rethink how they manage and store information. And, while data storage capacity is growing, floor space, power, and budgets are not. Storage solutions designed with Intel® architecture processors meet the needs of enterprise IT, cloud service providers, telco service providers, as well as HPC solutions. Intel architecture processors from the Intel® AtomTM processor C2000 family to the Intel® Xeon® processor family are ideal solutions for intelligent storage of all kinds. From “hot data” that is accessed on a regular basis and needs the lowest latency and highest performance to “cold data” that is accessed infrequently and can tolerate much higher latencies, Intel has a processor solution that meets the need. Besides processors, Intel also provides networking components and NICs as well as SSDs to help meet our customers' needs for cost effective and high ROI storage.

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Cloud storage

Meeting the Needs of Cloud Storage

Data stored in the cloud—in a public cloud, at a hoster, or in a private cloud—must all be accessible and protected from data loss. Solution and service providers have many differnet ways to accomplish this and Intel® architecture processor-based storage solutions can scale to meet the most demanding needs to the most relaxed ones. 

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Data protection

Intelligent Storage for Data Center Efficiency

As data storage needs continue to grow, legacy storage infrastructure becomes too costly and inefficient. Storage needs to be added when it is needed and must be easily provisioned into the existing storage pool. In addition, intelligent storage capabilities are increasingly available to help reduce the actual number of bits stored and thus reduce the cost of storing data. The Intel® Xeon® processor’s unique combination of performance and bandwidth helps enable intelligent storage capabilities such as thin provisioning, the automation of storage tiering, encryption, compression, and data de-duplication.


Data protection

Added Data Protection Helps Secure Your Data

Increasing concerns about the security of data are leading to wider implementation of data protection mechanisms. To address these concerns, Intel has integrated security features directly into our multi-core processors.  Capabilities such as integrated hardware RAID allows a storage system to continue operation even in the event of disk failure and Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI) enables broader use of encryption.

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