The Role of Standards in Driving Cloud Computing Adoption

The Role of Standards in Driving Cloud Computing Adoption

The emerging era of cloud computing
The world of computing is undergoing a radical shift, from a product focus to a service orientation, as companies increasingly access services through the cloud. There is no single definition of cloud computing. Intel defines it as a model of computing that is characterized by services delivered... and consumed over the Internet. It is an end-to-end model that encompasses everything from the data center to devices that access the cloud.

Two attributes differentiate cloud computing from other implementations of computing services: scalability and elasticity. Scalability is the ability of service performance to improve as the amount of physical resources allocated (CPU, memory, disk space, network bandwidth) is increased. Elasticity is the ability to shrink or expand the resources consumed easily, even automatically, so that users pay only for the level of computing resources needed at a given time. Cloud computing is an efficient model that supports sustainability by improving the efficiency of the data center through workload consolidation (i.e., better utilization) and power management techniques.

While today many cloud providers are located in North America, this emerging model of computing is gaining visibility throughout the world. For instance, as part of its Digital Agenda to improve European access to fast Internet services and interoperable applications, the European Commission has launched a €170 million public-private partnership to help build the Internet of the future, with cloud computing as a key component. China is also focusing on the cloud; its 12th Five-Year Plan, issued in 2010, addresses cloud computing as part of an initiative to develop strategic new industries.

Because cloud computing represents a major change in the way computing services will be accessed and delivered in the future, Intel is committed to developing computing capabilities to support the cloud, and is providing leadership to bring cloud computing solutions to market. A key part of that effort is Intel’s work in driving standards.

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