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Intel and CPRM/CPPM

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Intel and CPRM

Intel and CPRM/CPPM: Advancing content protection to parallel innovation in the digital home
The technology vision: Intel has played a leading role in both the CPRM and CPPM specifications. These specifications enable both innovative protection for premium entertainment content and flexibility in protected copying for consumers. The first specification, Content Protection for Prerecorded Media (CPPM), protects DVD-Audio, an emerging physical audio format. The second specification, Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM), provides a robust mechanism for recording high value content on recordable DVDs, SD Cards, and other forms of recordable media.

Like the Digital Transmission Content Protection specification (see Intel and DTCP*), Intel helped develop the actual CPPM and CPRM specifications. Intel also promotes their use among content providers (such as movie studios and record labels) and information technology (IT) and consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers.

The CPRM/CPPM specifications define a renewable cryptographic method for protecting entertainment content when recorded on physical media. As part of the group creating these specifications, Intel had three goals:
• Enable consumer choice, content portability, and flexibility in the digital media experience.
• Protect the rights of content providers and content owners, recognizing their right to be compensated for their intellectual property.
• Make content protection simple and inexpensive to deploy for PC and consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers.

Intel sees the CPRM/CPPM specifications as another key piece in the overall effort to maximize the experience of digital content throughout the home. The objective is to provide a robust environment without noticeable performance or quality impact for the delivery and consumption of premium entertainment content. This Case Study discusses the origins of the group that created the CPRM/CPPM specifications, the development and technology behind these specifications, key learnings for Intel along the way, and what lies ahead for the specifications.

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