Inside Intel's Drone-Powered Dunk

After coming in second last year, Aaron Gordon turned to Intel to help him go big in this year's Verizon Slam Dunk Contest during NBA All-Star Weekend. See how a drone powered by Intel helped him take his dunk to the next level.

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Every Vantage

Intel® 360 Replay technology shows the action in astounding new ways. Multiple high-resolution cameras render thrilling, slow-motion replays, and highlight reels. That means fans can see the biggest plays and most impressive performances from every angle.

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The Best Seat in the House

Watch your favorite team courtside or go behind-the-scenes at live events with Intel's VokeVR technology. Pick your own personal point of view, on any number of devices, as you experience the biggest plays of the season in virtual reality.

Gear Gets Smarter

Get the inside look at incredible performance. The groundbreaking Intel® Curie™ module1, with its suite of on-board sensors, crunches real-time data capturing the numbers behind the biggest moments in sports.

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The New Era of Sport

Intel® technology is changing the game, and the way we watch it. Innovations in data and analytic tools take sports performance to new heights, while virtual reality and augmented experiences bring the action closer than it's ever been.

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