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Intel® SSD 910 Series TPoX Techology Brief

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Storage Performance, Database Transactions Over XML: Tech Brief

The Intel® Solid-State Drive 910 Series (Intel® SSD 910 Series) delivers high storage performance and 10-drive-writes-per-day endurance for applications requiring fast inserts, searches, and retrievals, such as database transactions. The ability to service XML database transactions at a high rate requires high performance storage. TPoX* benchmark results of an Intel® SSD 910 Series 800GB drive show performance parity and storage simplification vs. 180 arrayed 15K RPM SAS hard disk drives (HDDs).

Single Intel® SSD 910 series matches large HDD array
The single Intel® SSD 910 Series closely matched the transaction rate established by a large array of high-performing hard disk drives in a simulated stock trading environment. The Intel® SSD 910 Series 800GB drive achieved a TPS (transactions per second) score of 13,516. This score closely matched a score using 180 15K RPM SAS HDDs. During this application load, 420 user threads generated insert, update and delete requests for stock trading operation. A similar rate was achieved at a lower application level wait time. Both storage options were run on the same quad-CPU, 32-core system. For the 15K RPM SAS HDDs, 12 separate LUNs were used. A 1 TB database compressed to 664 GB was used to generate application traffic.

Intel® SSD 910 series reduces total cost of ownership
180 high performance HDDs cost about $59,000 and the storage server, $14,000. Compare this to a single Intel® SSD 910 Series 800GB drive with a MSRP of $3,859. The Intel SSD costs 18 times less, yet saves power and is more reliable. The Intel SSD provides much better TCO.

What is TPoX*?
Transactional Processing over XML* (TPoX) is an XML database benchmarking tool for evaluating database performance. TPoX represents an online financial application scenario in which users query, buy and sell stock. Administrators can compare CPU, storage, and system effects on database performance to optimize a solution. Read the full Storage Performance, Database Transactions Over XML Technology Brief: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/solid-state-drives/ssd-910-tpox-brief.html